Mother's Day!


As you know (or as I sure hope you knew), Sunday was Mother's Day, but today is also Mother's Day at my house. My brother is moving home for the summer and he arrives today! Tonight to be exact. Starting tonight, we are once again a household of four. Five if you count Charlie (the dog), which I do. 

Well I must say I had a fantastic Mother's Day (and Mom did, too!). I treated my mom to a breakfast spread of assorted bagels with cream cheese, fruit salad, orange juice, and flowers. Then Mom and I did something we love to do. One of those silly little things that gives us such joy, but that we rarely have time for: we browsed at a fancy grocery store. Even Charlie was licking his chops in anticipation of all the treats we brought home. 

Have you ever been to Plum Market? They have a lovely wine selection, great prices, and hello a wine tasting area where you can bet your behind we paid a visit.

And then the attractive young man working in the produce department (I swear, they only hire attractive young people to work in this place) explained to us that Rambutan is not an evil character in a Disney film, but a fruit that's sort of like a grape on the inside. Peel away that hazardous outer skin and inside you'll find clear-ish grape-like flesh with a mild flavor.

We finished the day off with a cheese appetizer (mozzarella filled with Italian cream and stracciatella) and pesto salmon. Seriously, this salmon is so good, you're gonna plotz! But you'll have to check back later this week for the low-down...


  1. Love Plum Market! The owners used to have a similar store on the northeast side of Ann Arbor where my parents live.

  2. Wow! What a wonderful Mother's Day bounty of tasty delights!