Mexican Tacos

If I had to describe my perfect day, it would sound a lot like this...
Enjoy some delicious pancakes with raspberries for breakfast. Get all ready for a solo bike ride, but change plans last minute for a bike ride with my boyfriend (he lives an hour away, so these things take some planning). Ride bikes along the river trail in East Lansing/Lansing, enjoying the lovely sunny weather, until we get to Old Town. Stop for lunch at an authentic mexican restaurant. Sit outside and  eat 3 amazing tacos (2 ground beef, 1 marinated pork) and a refreshing mexican Coke. Ride bikes back, much slower because of all the food we ate, and run into friends! Then eat ice cream.

This is what happened this past Friday and what was going to be a pretty average day turned quickly into one of the best days ever. 
Pablo's Panaderia has quickly won itself a special place in my heart for being some of the best mexican food I've ever had. Plus the service is so unbelievably friendly, AND they have mexican Coke. If you've never had mexican Coke, you're missing out. It's made with real sugar and makes a surprising difference. It has recently become much more available. I have found it at our local one-stop shop (Meijer) and some other supermarkets.

The mexican tacos were incredible. The tortilla was SO fresh and soft. I'm normally anti-cilantro, but the simplicity of the tacos, with just meat, cilantro, and onion, was just right. The only thing I would change is the refried beans. Next time I'm ordering my own so I don't have to steal bites from Tom. He shares, but I know deep down he's thinking "MY refried beans. ALL MINE." Or maybe that's just what I would be thinking...

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  1. Authentic. Writing, food, memories. A pleasure to share.