Weekend Fun and the Friendly Burger

The Friendly Burger

Okay, I realize today is Monday and normally I would tell you all about the meatless meal we had. But I didn't take any pictures. I know! I didn't get home until late and was so hungry when I got in the door that I just devoured the sandwich my mom had ready for me before it even occurred to me that it was Meatless Monday! It was like "omg food now big bites napkin omg SO good my mom is the best is that goat cheese on this sandwich yes yes yum om nom camera, what?" 

So, once again, I offer a substitute. I'll clue you in on my weekend happenings. Let's start with pictures, shall we?

 Above you will find the weekend's characters. Colin, blue drink with special things (Don't worry, nothing illegal here. The special things are just sprinkles.), delicious burgers, the blanket for outdoor lounging and me, Laura, and Beth (with Luxury Cat).

By the way, when I say weekend, I mean a Thursday afternoon. We haven't been out of college long enough to think Thursday isn't part of the weekend.

Beth and Colin treated Laura and I to delicious cheese burgers with sweet potato fries and pickles, all nestled in those cute red plastic baskets lined with wax paper! Beth and Colin are truly the best hosts.

All in all, my weekend was divine. Snacks and drinks outdoors, tree climbing, a big styrofoam airplane, and great friends. You just can't compete with that.

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